Rise of the Runelords

Recap 13 Jan


So a quick recap of what happened last night, I think I hit most of everything but let me know if i missed something.

  1. Swallowtail Festival
    • Beck is the weakest dwarf alive and was defeated by the bearded might of Vin Vinder
    • Dalton had to go through 5 min of heaven with the Tarian Triplets
    • Walker mean mugged the entire town, whilst creeping on the party
    • Newman earned the ire of the local bookie and the town gnome
    • Dalton beat Beck in a tandem three legged sack race….with said gnome as a partner
    • Walker continued to creep and mean mug

  2. Goblin Attack
    • Newman wrecked shop and generally carried the party the entire time
    • Beck couldnt roll higher than a 5
    • Dalton Switched weapons at least a thousand times
    • Walker hid in a tent and occassionally came out to touch people with his creeper claws
    • In the end you managed to save Aldern Foxglove from certain doom, and managed to skirt death’s icy clutches

  3. Meeting the Town
    • Befriended Ameiko Kaijitsu by defending her against her dick of a father
    • Learned about Shalelu Andosana
    • Discovered that the goblin attack was a cover for a graveyard heist
    • Debated the morals of whether paladins could canoodle (still up in the air)
    • Went on a Boar Hunt with Aldern Foxglove, Beck is now known as slayer of the great “HumpleBoar”……who’s tusks and eye path now hang at the inn
    • “Deputized” by Sheriff Hemlock (IE Spoony)
    • Discover The letter from Tsuto to Ameiko, asking her to meet him at the glasworks about their father


Don’t forget the magical chili of Tido.

Recap 13 Jan

*Tito what you didn’t notice in your perception check was his fine stock of texas made vodka hidden under the booth

Recap 13 Jan

all you all read my bio and it will explain why im such a fkin weirdo in game lol

Recap 13 Jan

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