Velios Faeron

Chaotic Good Rogue


Street rat from the town of Riddleport. The bastard son of a Elvish nobleman he was abandoned by both mother and father, when his father disowned him and his Varisian gypsy mother went off on a boat to find adventure of her own. As a bastard Half-elf Velios has always been conscious of his heritage and at all times attempts to hide his ears with his shaggy yet lustrous locks.

Unfortunately as of late Velios has been on the run from the “Sczarni” a criminal organization based out of Riddleport. He earned their ire when one day, when in the defense of an orphanage proprietor, he accidentally slew two of their thug enforcers. As such, there has been no rest for Velios, as he was forced to flee towards Magnimar, stopping in the town of Sandpoint to rest for a bit.

Velios Faeron

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